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I'm an amateur photographer and retired website creator and merged those two interests to create this website. I created this website for a couple reasons, first to create a website where I can share photos of Florida's abundant wildlife and perhaps get a bit of feedback on them from other photography hobbyists. It also enables me to do something while abiding by the restrictions brought on by COVID-19.

Like so many others, my wife and I retired to southwest Florida for health reasons, and to get away from the cold weather we've lived with for all our lives. Little did we, or anyone else for that matter, know that the COVID-19 restrictions would limit our activities and travel in the state we planned to explore.

We lived in Minnesota for 25 years and Colorado for 17 before moving to South Florida.  Before moving loved exploring the old mining roads and towns in the Rocky Mountains area in our 4x4. Unfortunately, my aging lungs didn't like the altitude or cold temperatures. Obviously, moving from mountainous Colorado, to the flattest state in the country, required some changes.

Devils Punchbowl

One change was finding a new hobby to replace off-roading, that's where photography came in. I am an amateur and have found wandering around the low population areas where I live, taking photos, is a good way to get out and still stay safe. Since I can be in the Big Cypress/Everglades area in less than 30 minutes it's became my routine to explore these areas, and others, in search of wildlife.

I built my first website for a non-profit agency I worked for back in the days when all websites were gray pages with black text and adding a logo was cutting edge. That was when websites focussed on providing information rather than selling something, gathering information about visitors or "influencing" people as is so popular today. There are somewhere in the range of 200 million active websites right now and I'm more than aware of the odds of you stumbling across my website. 

I don't pretend my photos are anything other than what they are, amateur photos. There's considerable differences among the photos I post, some due to my ability, some due to better lenses, some because I'm getting better, and some are included simply because I like the subject or it reminds me of a good day out.

I'm not a fan of Photoshopping and post-processing to improve my photographs, I simply don't think it's appropriate for wildlife photos in general. Is thos photo nice? Sure, but it's not realistic.


I prefer to post these photos as they came from my camera, not after post-processing and improving them afterwards. I do some post-processing for website display which is primarily reducing the size for fast web viewing. I also find myself cropping more than I would prefer but sometimes I find the need to due to my lens choices. I provide some detail about the photos since I find that looking at them is nice, but knowing a bit is better. I don't provide extensive details since that's already available on thousands of sites already and I'm not a fan of duplicating what already is plentiful. Providing what little detail I do, gives you a bit of background, and helps me learn and remember a bit about the subject as well.

I am working on improving my photos, understanding and learning good techniques, and picking up tips from others sharing this hobby. If you feel the same, please join in and comment on existing photos, offer suggestions, critisim, tips or just say hello.

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