Baby Alligators

Baby Alligators

Florida has always been synonymous with alligators and symbolize Florida's extensive untamed wilderness and, is a prime location for them. 

Since I spend a good deal of time in and around alligator territory I've become quite good at spotting them and will always give them plenty of space, it's important to respect them when intruding into their territory.

Young alligators stay close to their mother and form social groups that offer them protection. The large and intimidating mother provides most of their protection and, when they're in distress, they call to get her attention. I was surprised to learn that large birds such as the Great Blue Heron eat baby gators!

As I watched and photographed these little alligators, I looked a couple feet to the side of the young gators to see that momma gator was indeed keeping an eye on her babies! The next photo in this sequence is Momma Gator watching me.

Here's a link to Momma Gator

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